Best Natural Breast Enhancement Creams Reviews

For women who want to have better looking breasts, but cannot afford to undergo cosmetic surgery, lotions can be their next best option. Today, there are over hundreds of natural based creams available in the market. Furthermore, all the products are advertised all over the web, being catered towards the need of women who feel insecure and incomplete about their boobs. If you are looking to find some kind of “magic potion” to improve your breast’s appearance, and tempted to try out different brands of lotions, read on to know whether you should do that or not, and take a look at some of our reviews.

Do They Work?

One of the important things that women want to know is whether these things actually work. Of course, when it comes to advertising, the manufactures publish hyped up advertisements, speaking of extravagant claims. Well in theories, it has been proved these creams do work because they contain special herbs as active ingredients that are said to have estrogen-like effects, which results in expanding breast tissues gradually. Remember that all products and ingredients used in them are not suitable for every body type. Thus, you should do your part of extensive research before finalizing a particular product.

What Herbs are used in Enhancement Cosmetics?

In this section we’ll target only herbal ingredients that are used widely in bust cosmetics. A brief run down on these ingredients will help you make a better choice at the time of purchase:

Blessed Thistle – The herb is basically approved by Germany’s Commission E for treating conditions like loss of appetite and indigestion. However, it was historically used to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers. Thus, the right use of this herb in any cream, as an active ingredient is known to deliver estrogen-like effects to a woman’s body.

Dong Quai – A very popular Chinese herb, Dong Quai is used primarily to relieve symptoms related to menopause, but later it was discovered that it also works great in expanding breast tissues. This is the reason why most women during their menopause years tend to gain weight on their breasts with regular use of this herb.

Fennel Seed – Fennel are used for food and medicine, but was traditionally introduced as an effective remedy to increase the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers and enhance libido. However, later in 1930, it was discovered that fennel can also be used in the development of synthetic estrogens.

Fenugreek – The history has it that Asian women were fed with fenugreek seeds since their childhood so they turn out to have well shaped breast size. The diosgenin compound found in Fenugreek, naturally enhances the breast size.

Pueraria mirifica – Primarily found in Thailand, the herb was widely used by the indigenous hill tribe people for many purposes. However, the miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol compounds found in this herb are known to have estrogen-like effects in the body.

Are They Safe?

First of all these lotions should not be used by pregnant women, people who are hormone-sensitive or using oral contraceptives. Also, if they work there is no proven evident that they’re not safe. Like every other medication. Even these creams can have some kind of side-effects, based on the specific type of cream you use.

However, with good amount of research and professional guidance you can easily start using the products that are best suitable for you. Get in touch with your physician and ask about products that have proven to show notable results. Given that your doctor is aware of your medical history and allergies, he/she will be able to provide you with right kind of creams to increase breast size naturally and safely.

Although it may seem like there is no harm in trying them for a couple of months or so to see if they work, there can be some side effects that you may not be aware of. Thus, the best approach would be to start with natural creams to increase the safety ratio.

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